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Latest additions to the site (updated 10th February 2017)

A forgotten plane crash in Chapel-le-Dale
Click here

Anglo-Saxon period and possible Bronze Age sites in Kingsdale
Click here for detailed surveys and report

The Craven Way - Bronze Age trackway Click here for the report

Viking or "Viking"? It looks like critical thinking has arrived at last. Click here for our view.

New site in Easegill Click here

Is this the Anglo Saxon period site for Weathercote? Click here

Early medieval site casts light on Burbladthwait - click here for update

The mystery of the Druid's Temple solved? Click here

Masongill's very own page. Click here!

Is this the clinching evidence for the existence of the Hermitage on High Gauber Pasture? Click here

Important report on Highwood Pasture, Chapel-le-Dale (Southerscales and surrounds) Click here

Accompanying survey of Highwood Pasture Click here

Research on an important feature on Ingleborough Click here

Interactive survey of sites in Sleights Pasture Click here

For a full report on the sites in Sleights Pasture Click here

An update on the location of Burbladthwait near Ribblehead

An update on the location of the hermitageclick here for updated report

A survey of the Hermitage
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Update to interpretation of site at Brows Pasture, Chapel-le-Dale
For survey of area click here

For detailed report click here

Identifying Burbladthwait vaccary near Ribblehead

Click here for report and for survey

Movement of farmers 1841 - 1891 For individual parishes Click here

Survey and report or remains near Roger Kirk Cave, Ribblehead
For Survey Click here
For the Report Click here

Survey and Report on a settlement west of Long Lane, Clapham
For Survey Click here
For the Report Click here

Added 25th November 2013

Survey of Brows Pasture complex multi-period site.
A report and interactive survey are now available.Click here for details.

Added 19th September 2013

Survey of Sow Kilns and features near the Hill Inn

A report and interactive survey are now available.Click here for details.

Added 21st May 2013

The parish registers for Ingleton and Thornton in Lonsdale up to 1812 have been added together with a surname index.
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It has come to our attention that research information unique to this website and its associated publications, has been used by others who have not referenced their source of the information. We do not copyright our research but we do expect to be given the credit for the information, as some of this has been acquired at considerable expense to ourselves. It is also requested by Scottish Universities Environmental Research Council that Radio Carbon Dating code numbers should be quoted in any reports within the scientific literature. All this is simply good archaeological practice.

The mysterious carved face is from a 19th Century root about in a cave.

Click here for the C19 report giving details about this carving

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